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Dear Educator and Colleague:


In May 2008, a group of education stakeholders convened to examine the current research and thinking about the critical leadership roles that teachers play in contributing to successful school reform.  This initial group subsequently expanded its membership and mission to form the Teacher Leadership Exploratory Consortium, which represents a broad array of education organizations, state education agencies, teacher leaders, principal leaders and institutions of higher education (our members are listed on page 2).  This expanded group embarked on the development of model standards for teacher leadership in August 2008, and now invites educators, the public and the policymaking community to review and comment on these standards.


The purpose of model standards is to stimulate dialogue among stakeholders of the teaching profession about what constitutes the knowledge, skills and competencies that teachers need to assume leadership roles in their schools, districts, and the profession.  Model standards are often used in the development of curriculum, professional development, and standards for such entities as school districts, states, professional organizations and institutions of higher education.  These standards are designed to encourage professional discussion of what constitutes the full range of competencies that teacher leaders possess and how this form of leadership can be distinguished from, but work in tandem with, formal administrative leadership roles to support good teaching and promote student learning.


The draft standards follow a similar format as the Interstate School Leaders Licensure Consortium (ISSLC) State Standards for School Leaders — that is, a series of broadly stated expectations or “domains” that define critical dimensions of teacher leadership.  Under each domain, there are “performance indicators” that more specifically define the range of actions or expectations for teacher leaders related to that domain.


We invite and encourage you to complete our electronic survey by April 30.  It can be accessed at the following website:  http://www.teachingquality.org/surveys/tlstandards/tlstandards.htm. You will be asked to comment on the content and language of the domains and performance indicators as well as answer a series of questions related to your overall impression of the standards and opportunities for the development of teachers as leaders.


We thank you in advance for taking the time to review our work.  We also wish to thank the Center for Teaching Quality, one of our partners in this initiative, for hosting this survey on their website. 




The Members of the Teacher Leadership Exploratory Consortium

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